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Re: Build 3.1 Fails, if build dir is on not on source file system, due to hard link creation.

On Thu, May 23, 2002 at 12:33:26PM +1000, Mat Hounsell wrote:
> PR: 6776
> LibSTDC++ will cause a GCC 3.1 build to fail if the build and source directory
> are on different file systems. This is because it tries to create a hard link
> from a header file to the build directory and doesn't gracefully handle the
> failure.

And as Benjamin wrote in the response to PR 6776, this is from a standard
autoconf macro, AC_PROG_LN_S, which can be 'ln' or 'ln -s' or (depending
on whether we ever move to 2.50) 'cp'.  If the autoconf macro is causing
problems, please report it to the autoconf maintainers.

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