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Re: U/WIN host

>>>>> "Joe" == Joe Buck <> writes:

>> Out of curiosity, why is the following excerpt from gcc/
>> What is the difference to using, e.g., Solaris or any other
>> proprietary OS as a host platform ?

Joe> The GPL requires that the recipient of a binary be able to obtain full
Joe> source for that binary, with one special exception: it's allowed to link
Joe> with proprietary libraries that are part of operating system or compiler.
Joe> The proprietary UWIN support libraries, in the opinion of the FSF, don't
Joe> qualify for this special exception, so it is believed illegal to
Joe> distribute a gcc/UWIN native compiler.  A cross-compiler with UWIN as a
Joe> target would not be a problem, since the cross-compiler would not contain
Joe> proprietary code of this kind.  So, when this issue came up, we convinced
Joe> the FSF that it was OK to leave UWIN in as a target, but not as a host.

Joe> I suppose someone could argue that UWIN plus Windows together could be
Joe> considered an OS.  But if you want to make that argument, please argue
Joe> with RMS directly and not with the gcc development list.

I have no intent to argue, I'm just curious (and don't give a damn
shit about uwin).


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