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Re: 3.1 C++ problems on IRIX 6.5

> I just built GCC 3.1 on IRIX 6.5 using the configuration options given on 
> the build status page, but I cannot compile my C++ code using g++. 
> Basically, /usr/include/ctype.h is using preprocessor macros for things 
> like isspace() and isalpha(), and that causes the errors shown in the 
> attached file.

Macros for isspace, etc, interfere with the iostreams library.  I take it
that the inclusion of <ctype.h> is by your code, rather than by libstdc++?
If so, you could try replacing

#include <ctype.h>


#include <cctype>

> I have searched the mailing lists and the PRs, but I cannot find anyone 
> else having this problem.  Is there something I've done wrong in 
> configuring/building GCC, or is there some option I can pass on the 
> command line that will make things work?  The closest I have come is to 
> define _LINT on the command line, but I am not convinced yet that that is 
> the right solution.  My code compiles without problems using GCC 3.0.1 
> and 3.0.4, and I was hoping I would have similar success with 3.1.

To developers: Is this something that fixincludes is supposed to fix?

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