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Re: gcc-3.1 configure on i686-pc-linux-gnu


I have the same problem than you some days ago. It was because I first ran 
configure with an actually old makeinfo. Then I updated to 4.2 and launched 
configure again: wrong, the makeinfo version was cached and configure did not 
detect the new.

So I made distclean and configure again. Then I succeeded. 

See whether your problems are same than mine.



On Lun 20 May 2002 18:18, Kenneth Hopping wrote:
> Hello,
> When configuring gcc 3.1 on my Red Hat 6.2 Linux 2.2.14-VA.2.1
> (glibc-2.1.3-15.4) system, I get the following messages:
> checking for makeinfo... (cached) makeinfo
> checking for modern makeinfo... (cached) no
> configure: warning:
> *** Makeinfo is missing or too old.
> *** Info documentation will not be built.
> I have the latest version of makeinfo installed:
> # makeinfo --version
> makeinfo (GNU texinfo) 4.2
> Is this an incompatability with the new gcc 3.1 configuration?
> Otherwise, the build seems to complete normally.
> Kenneth Hopping

Guillermo Ballester Valor
Granada (Spain)

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