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Re: Re : "bounds checking extension to gcc-3.0.4"

In the last episode (May 15), Olatunji Oluwabukunmi Ruwase said:
>  i am computer science grad student and i am working on a project
> which is based on a previous work by Richard Jones and Paul Kelly.
> Their work added a bounds checking extension to gcc 2.7.,
> subsequently a patch for this for gcc- has also being
> implemented.
>  so i embarked on this project with the expectations that will be a
> trivial exercise, only to find out that so much has changed in terms
> of underlying implementation from gcc- and gcc-3.0.4 in terms
> of AST representations, function defn parsing, source files e.t.c.
>  so far its being quite a painful and slow process for what it is
> merely supposed to be a first phase of a compiler optimisation
> project.
>  i am very new to the open source/gnu/gcc community so pardon my
> lengthy mail and unconventional approach,but i 'll appreciate any
> sort of support your team offers e.g in terms of directing to
> relevant documents which detail the evolution of gcc versions

This project had been picked up by Herman Ten Brugge.  His latest
patchset is for gcc 3.0.1, but it applies cleanly to 3.0.4.  I'm not
sure if he hasn't created a new patchset because he has stopped working
on it, or because until the release of gcc 3.1 his old patchsets
applied cleanly to the latests-released code.  His website is at .  Hopefully it won't be
too hard to port to 3.1 if that's your goal.  It's really the only
useful bounds-checking tool for the free software community.

	Dan Nelson

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