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Re: gcc compile-time performance (Robert Dewar) writes:

| > I'd just be nice for gcc to be faster if that wasn't too hard to do! Maybe
| > precompiled headers would make a significant difference. Perhaps gcc
| > developers would like to get gcc's internals in a better state before
| > going down this line.
| It seems to me that if precompiled headers would make a huge difference, then
| they are patching a synmptom which is that the C++ front end is too slow.

That is just restatement of evidences people have been reporting for
quite a long time.  
I don't think it is reasonable to tell them to buy faster computers,
even if that seems an easier answer. 

| The issue of fancy new optimizations is something that basically affects
| the back end, and there are fundamental reasons why you would expect the
| GCC back end to be slower than backends aimed at specific architectures
| for example.
| But there is no reason for the g++ front end to be slower than for example
| the Code Warrior front end. 

Sure there is a reason: g++ front-end architecture.

-- Gaby

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