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On Fri, May 17, 2002 at 12:05:34AM +0200, Gerald Pfeifer <> wrote:
> On Thu, 16 May 2002, Joe Buck wrote:
> > The page seems not to have been updated
> > in a long time.  It says that the newest report in the database is
> > 010915 and that the latest gcc release is 2.95.
> This has been maintained by Marc whom I'm Cc:ing on this message.
> Mark, what shall we do with this page?

Ah well, my plans to re-write the script into a dynamic one are old. I
still update my database from the testresults, but the script that writes
out all the reports takes many hours too run and requires about 500MB
memory, which I don't have on the machine that creates it. And it's the
wrong way to do it, anyways.

The solution would be to re-write it into a cgi-app (ok, best not to use
cgi directly) and put it at the testresult pages. I conjecture it would be
a few hours or so to make that, and another day to get the infrastructure
right (automating testresults parsing, webserver etc...). The biggest
problem for me is finding a reliable server with mysql on it (or a more
gnu-conformant database; another rewrite of the scripts)

If I had had the time to do this (and many other things), it would have
been done at least a year ago... I do have a "beta-cgi-version", but it
uses PApp, which went non-GPL about a year ago.

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