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Re: Error report (gcc 3.1)

Stan Shebs <> writes:

| Phil Edwards wrote:
| > 
| > On Thu, May 16, 2002 at 09:14:59PM +0200, Gerald Pfeifer wrote:
| > > On Thu, 16 May 2002, Stan Shebs wrote:
| > > > Yes.  We've been hosed by this too, and it's so confusing it should
| > > > probably in some sort of FAQ or release note.  The problem is that the
| > > > old basic_file.h is always going to be in the search path ahead of the
| > > > new one, and so any installation that doesn't completely delete the
| > > > pre-3.1-final g++-v3 is going to get nailed by this.
| > >
| > > I believe we'd be better of recommending against installing one version
| > > of GCC over another one.
| > 
| > We do this already on but repetition can't hurt.
| > I'll add a note to the libstdc++-v3 FAQ.
| The note should mention basic_file.h specifically, since that's

I'm not sure that entry should name any particular file.  Other files
may be affected in the future.  A safer way to deal with this issue is
to version the header files installation.  That is, instead of
installing in 


we should be installing in


-- Gaby

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