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About the 3.1 release date being a joke and all the other threads...

I lurk on this list all the time. I haven't contributed very much gcc 
code, but have to binutils, glibc and uclibc. I would like to encourage 
people to kill the threads about the 3.1 release date, it being a joke, 
etc. This is pointless. I think it is necessary to point out a few things:

   1) A lot of us do work as volunteers. You are getting an extremely
      functional compiler that works on hundreds of host/target
      platforms for FREE. Read that last word and count your blessings.

   2) Others, like some of the maintainers, do get paid to hack on gcc as
      well as the other tools and other projects. Note the word OTHER
      in the previous sentence. They may get an unexpected deadline or
      project from a valued customer or a manager who thinks their work
      is more important. This could cause a slip of a day or more.

   3) If those of you complaining are even worth your salt as a software
      developers then I am sure that you have read the two of the best
      books on software development and estimatation, right? The first
      book being, "The Mythical Man Month" by Frederick Brooks and "Code
      Complete" by Steve McConnell. What you will find is that when a
      delivery date is finally decided upon, the ACTUAL amount of time
      will be between 1/4x and 4x the time given. Keep that in mind
      before you hit the send button or press return to send a complaint
      to the mailing list.

Please stop bickering and be thankful that all of us are working for 
freedom of software. Cheers.


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