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GCC 3.1 Released

GCC 3.1 is now available.

In this release, we focused more on quality than new features; many
bugs were fixed.  We worked very hard to fix bugs that were introduced
in GCC 3.0, but that were not present in previous releases of the
compiler.  We also worked hard to eliminate new bugs.

We have continued to improve the standards conformance in the C, C++
and Java compilers, added support for profile-directed optimizations,
improved support for many chips used in embedded systems, added an
Ada compiler, and added support for the x86-64 architecture.

For a list of many -- but by no means all -- of the changes available
in this release, see:

I would like to thank HP for sponsoring my work as Release Manager;
that support has made it possible for me to organize this release,
and will continue to support my work as RM for some time to come.

Many people worked very hard on this release.  The following list
is woefully incomplete, but does recognize some of the people I
most appreciated while preparing this release:

  Neil Booth:
    Cleanups that will reduce the chance of future bugs.

  Robert Dewar (and ACT):
    The Ada front end.

  Richard Henderson:
    Many, many bug fixes and code reviews

  Jakub Jelinek:
    Many bug fixes.

  Geoff Keating:
    Automated regression-testing.

  David Miller:
    SPARC and Solaris bug fixes.

  Gerald Pfeifer:
    Website and documentation maintenance.

The release is available from the FTP servers listed in:

The release can be found in the file:



for more information about how to obtain and install GCC.


Mark Mitchell         
CodeSourcery, LLC     

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