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Re: your gcc 3.1 release date is a joke

On Wednesday 15 May 2002 08:22, Klaus Berger wrote:
> hello,
> please allow me to write exactly this lines to you. i know you are
> all doing a nice job on gcc 3.1 but i feel fooled by your gcc maintainer
> a lot of date shifts 14th april to 1st may then it was said to be
> released in the next days, last weekend mark mitchell said that he is
> doing the packages after weekend and now we have wednesday. either you
> are fooling us or you are doing this to get time to fix other shit.
> either you fucking hell release that damn gcc 3.1 that i am waiting
> for - for over a month now that i really like to have or if the work
> is to hard for you (like life of a maintainer beeing hard) then hand
> over the work to someone else who is capable to NOT pissoff their
> people.

You have a funny way of begging. But even if you really begged in your 
bleeding knees it wouldnt help, gcc 3.1 is released when it's ready. This is 
not a corporation where you release prematurely just for your boss not to 
lose face over some silly deadline.

Btw. iIf you really need a compiler why dont you use the prereleases or even 
gcc 2.95? They are both fine .


PS. Why did I reply to this troll?

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