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Dear GNU gcc personal,

I thank you very much for the gcc source and its super-intelligent Makefile. I think I could build it correctly on my Apple PowerBook (lombard, 333MHz). Following are the detailed informations you want :

srcdir/config.guess :

gcc -v :
Reading specs from /usr/local/lib/gcReading specs from /usr/local/lib/gcc-lib/powerpc-vine-linux-gnu/3.0.4/specs
Configured with: ../gcc-3.0.4/configure --host=powerpc-vine-linux-gnu
Thread model: single
gcc version 3.0.4

/etc/issue : 
Vine Linux 2.5CR (Domaine de Chevalier)
Kernel 2.4.18-0vl14 on a ppc

The kernel version :
Linux 2.4.18-0vl14 #1 Sun Mar 31 14:06:31 JST 2002 ppc unknown

glibc version :

Additionally, I did 'make' with 'bootstrap-lean' option (I badly partitionned the disk...). That's all.

host/target specific installation notes recommend to have binutils or newer. In my case, the version is "binutils-".

I will now appreciate the new fine gcc system. Thanks a lot.


Masaru Tomimitsu, Tokyo Japan

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