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A new front end for GCC.

	Myself(Shijesta Victor) and Sreejith K Menon are
final year students in Computer Science & Engineering
in India. We have developed a frontend for GCC. We
call it FLIM (Flexible Language for Integer
Manipulation.). As the name suggests, the front end
can handle only integers. The code has been kept as
simple and readable as possible. We have tested it
with several possible cases and it seems to work. We
request you to kindly go through the code and make
some comment about it. You may feel free to use the
code in anyway you feel suitable. ie, you may place a
link in the GCC site or anything. We will be highly
honoured if you do something of that sort. Please
contact us at Out site is
Thanking you sir,
Shijesta Victor.

Sir, Please respond to this mail.

I have not attached our frontend to this. Please go to
our site. Or if you want it by mail, please let us

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