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RE: [Mingw-users] mingw canadian cross for gcc3.1

Dear kai!

Thanks a lot for the detail reply. It has helped me a lot.

> Your '--build=' probably used a 'i686-linux-gnu' (the 'alias'-name), not 'i686-pc-linux-gnu'
>(the generated 'canonical'-name), so you now don't have a 'i686-pc-linux-gnu/libiberty' subdir
>in your '/home/kpit/mingwsh-elfbld3.1/build-gcc-3.1-20020429' build-directory. But have a
>'i686-pc-linux-gnu' subdir there...

As regarding the --build option, I have not used alias but the proper 'i686-pc-linux-gnu'. So it seems that is not the problem. 

> The 'gengenrtl' is a program aimed to be run on the build-system and it needs some function(s)
>from 'libiberty'. Probably your native GCC has a suitable 'libiberty.a', but building one more
>during the Canadian Cross doesn't seem to hurt... Anyway the 'gcc/Makefile' has this 'need' and
>with the wrong subdir name in it. Just search for the '../i686-pc-linux-gnu/libiberty/libiberty.a'
>in the 'gcc/Makefile' and edit the '-pc' away. Somewhere is a bug which caused this, so if you
>have some extra time, please try to hunt this 'feature' -- it has remained as such for me,
>editing the '-pc' away has just been much easier this far for me...

I will definitely try to look into this feature.

> One thing more in this 'feature' is that a 'make' will be needed in order to create the
>'libiberty.a' for the build-system, a 'make all-gcc' doesn't create it... So be prepared to
>wait until the library is done and the gengenrtl linked and run, and then press Control-C or
>something and then continue with 'make all-gcc', unless you want all those
>'m2/m3e/m4/m4-single/m4-single-only' and all these for '-ml' too, library variations done once
>again... (Done when building the Linux-x-sh-elf? toolchain).  Avoiding the 'libgcc.a' rebuilds
>may however be hard...

> Maybe there is a 'make build-libiberty' or something available for forcing the library build,
>haven't checked this yet...

Yes, I was successful in removing this error by giving commands 'make configure-build-libiberty' and 'make all-build-libiberty' before 'make all-gcc'.
But I was not sure whether this is correct and thought that the problem may be something different.
Thanks once again for the solution.  

Rekha Bhintade

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