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status of high-priority GNATS bugs

To help get a sense of what remains to be done, I strolled through the
high-priority bugs in GNATS.  Eliminating those referring to incomplete
documentation or the Ada/ACT issues, here's what is left.

The following seem to be in limbo, not reproduceable because of no
testcase, or waiting for feedback from people who can't send testcases:
3883, 4165, 4175, 4243, 4650, 4947

For the others, some might be gone and maybe should be closed: (?)

3373: java bootstrap issue
aoliva wrote: We should add $(FLAGS_FOR_TARGET) to GCJ_FOR_TARGET, indeed.
Is this resolved?

3589: is this resolved?  (hp illegal instr)

3954: simple returns broken when return value is a pseudo
	rth says "should be fixed in 3.1"

5196: bad makefile generated for fastjar on HP?
	(are we still seeing this, or has it been duplicated?)

As for the others:

2454: failure showing up only on v850-unknown-elf?
(if so, I guess it's not release critical)

3083: -O3/C++ too slow
(some work has been done to make this a little better, not release critical)

3931: avr-elf can't build libstdc++
	rth has proposed patch, waiting for feedback

5515: configure problem, possible shell bug on powerpc-ibm-aix4.3.3.0
	proposed patch, not sure of status

5687: [arm] crash in loop.  Reported against CVS head, not sure if it
affects 3.1

5971: make install fails for 3.0.4, java, i586 RH 7.0
	(asking for feedback)

6212: g++ EH regressions, irix6 -mabi=64
	evidently partially fixed, rth says a problem is still present

6543: ICE in extract_insn, ppc.  In feedback, proposed fix.

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