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Re: Getting more information about functions arguments/locals in machine description

> From: Alexandre Courbot <>
> To: GCC List <>
> Date: 03 May 2002 16:25:26 +0200

> I somehow asked this question already a few weeks ago, but
> unfortunately didn't advance in this area.

Right, that is because what you want cannot be directly supported,
sorry.  The person that designed your assembly didn't quite know what
they were doing, and really screwed it for you.  Sorry, you'll have to
take that up with them.  :-(

> A little clue or pointer would be of great help! :)

Isn't possible.

> Is there a possible trick here? Can someone enlighten me? :)

Yes, the typical solution is to build a virtual machine ontop of your
real machine that behaves like a normal machine, and then target that
machine from gcc.

If you totally ignore the assembler, and fine a manual for the machine
code, and then port gas to the machine, you'll get farther.  If the
machine code is `weird', then you really are stuck with layer of a
virtual machine on top the real one.

Since you didn't reference a document that describes the actual
machine, we cannot say more.

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