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Re: Still failing to bootstrap on Solaris (CONFIG_SHELL doesn't help)

> On May  2, 2002, Joe Buck <> wrote:
> > ld: fatal: file /u/jbuck/gcc-3.1-pre.sol2/lib/gcc-lib/sparc-sun-solaris2.7/3.1/../../../sparcv9/ recording name `' matches that provided by file ./.libs/

Alexandre wrote:
> This is a different problem.  It's the hideous bug in Solaris that
> won't let you create a library if it finds another pre-installed
> library with the same SONAME.  This is even documented, and it's the
> reason why libjava is (or used to be) disabled on Solaris 7 if it was
> found to be previously installed.

Ah!  The right answer.

I blew away the previously-partially-installed libgjc.* files in libdir,
did contrib/update_gcc, and rebuilt, and I got a complete successful
build.  The Java libraries seem to require almost twice as much time as
everything else put together, but eventually the build succeeded.

So the combination of CONFIG_SHELL=/bin/ksh and ensuring that there are
no libgjc files lying around in $prefix/lib suffices.

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