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Re: hints for identifying a problem patch?

On Thu, May 02, 2002 at 01:24:51PM -0700, mike stump wrote:
> > From: Janis Johnson <>
> > I suspect that my attempts to find out which patch caused a
> > particular test to start failing are horribly inefficient.  Can
> > people who do this sort of thing regularly please share some hints?
> Sure, you build once a day from cron, and then you save of the cc1 or
> the cc1plus to a special directory, and give it a name like
> cc1plus-020502, and then when someone complains you say:

For testing things outside the compiler binary itself, I've found it very
useful to save the build trees:

13% cd build/old
14% ls
build-2002-04-01/          build-2002-04-11-3branch/  build-2002-04-22/
build-2002-04-01-3branch/  build-2002-04-12/          build-2002-04-22-3branch/
build-2002-04-01-ppc/      build-2002-04-12-3branch/  build-2002-04-22-ppc/
build-2002-04-02/          build-2002-04-13/          build-2002-04-23/
build-2002-04-02-3branch/  build-2002-04-13-3branch/  build-2002-04-23-3branch/
build-2002-04-02-ppc/      build-2002-04-14/          build-2002-04-24/
build-2002-04-03/          build-2002-04-14-3branch/  build-2002-04-24-3branch/
build-2002-04-03-3branch/  build-2002-04-14-noeh/     build-2002-04-25/
build-2002-04-04/          build-2002-04-15/          build-2002-04-25-3branch/
build-2002-04-04-3branch/  build-2002-04-15-3branch/  build-2002-04-26/
build-2002-04-05/          build-2002-04-15-ppc/      build-2002-04-26-3branch/
build-2002-04-05-3branch/  build-2002-04-16/          build-2002-04-27/
build-2002-04-06/          build-2002-04-17/          build-2002-04-27-3branch/
build-2002-04-06-3branch/  build-2002-04-17-3branch/  build-2002-04-28/
build-2002-04-07/          build-2002-04-18/          build-2002-04-28-3branch/
build-2002-04-07-3branch/  build-2002-04-18-3branch/  build-2002-04-28-noeh/
build-2002-04-07-noeh/     build-2002-04-19/          build-2002-04-29/
build-2002-04-08/          build-2002-04-19-3branch/  build-2002-04-29-3branch/
build-2002-04-08-3branch/  build-2002-04-20/          build-2002-04-29-ppc/
build-2002-04-08-ppc/      build-2002-04-20-3branch/  build-2002-04-30/
build-2002-04-10/          build-2002-04-21/          build-2002-04-30-3branch/
build-2002-04-10-3branch/  build-2002-04-21-3branch/
build-2002-04-11/          build-2002-04-21-noeh/

Beats having to reconstruct from source on a CPU-poor machine.


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