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Re: material for 3.1 release announcement

> On Thu, 2 May 2002, Jan Hubicka wrote:
> >   <ul>
> > !   <li>Jan Hubicka, SuSE Labs, together with Richard Henderson, Red Hat, and
> > !       Andreas Jaeger, SuSE Labs, has contributed <a
> > !       href="news/profiledriven.html">infrastructure for profile driven
> > !       optimizations</a>
> "." at the end of the sentence, and paragraphs need to start with <p>
> and end with </p>.
> > !       <p>
> > !       Options -fprofile-arcs and -fbranch-probabilities can now be used to
> > !       improve speed of the generated code by profiling the actual program
> > !       behaviour on typical run.  In the absence of profile info compiler
> > !       attempts to guess the profile statically.</p>
> >   </ul>
> <code>-fprofile-arcs</code> and <code>-fbranch-probabilities</code>
> "on typical runs" or "on a typical run".
> "the compiler".
> Fine with these changes. Thanks!

Thanks, I've commited it.  Other optimizations that come into mind
and should not be forgotten are:
Hard register copy propagation by Richard Henderson, alias analysis/alignment
stuff by Richard Kenner, tree based inlining on C by Alexandre (is that already
in 3.0?), but I don't feel authorized to write about.

What may or may not be noticed IMO is the jump optimization rewrite (it does
not really brings easy to describe value to the user), perhaps
optimize_mode_swithching for i387 control word, GCSE improvements by Richard
Kenner.  It is interesting how few new optimizations come to mind offhand, I
will think about it later.

Perhaps we can just mention that the spec2000 results are better by about 6% on
-O2 level of optimizations (8.2% with PDO) compared to gcc 3.0, while gcc 3.0
improved by 2.1% compared to gcc 2.95 according to the Andreas tester.

> Gerald
> -- 
> Gerald "Jerry"

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