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Re: Variable too large

There are places in the front-end that attempt to return -1 to 
indicate an invalid or
unknown size.  (e.g., they assume a ssize_t, not size_t).

This of course presently causes some compiler crashes when it 
attempts to allocate a 4GB
object - so clearly the API is less than satisfactory as it currently 
is implemented :-)

At 10:37 AM -0400 5/2/02, Paul Koning wrote:
>  >>>>> "Dan" == D Towner <> writes:
>  Dan> Hi all, I am writing a port of gcc for a 16-bit DSP. I have been
>  Dan> trying to create struct's which are 32K+ bytes in size, but keep
>  Dan> getting the error that they are too large. Having rooted around
>  Dan> in the code, I see that a variable cannot have a size greater
>  Dan> than 2^15 bytes (for a 16-bit machine). Why is there such a
>  Dan> restriction? I can't find any mention of such a limit in the
>  Dan> standard documents. Why is the limit not 2^16 bytes?
>I see the same error with the PDP11 target. 
>This seems wrong.  Clearly the target can deal with data structures up
>to 2^16 bytes, so long as the coder is careful to treat addresses and
>offsets as unsigned.  That's a habit that has been pounded into the
>skulls of anyone who works on platforms like that...
>        paul

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