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Re: Link to Testsuite Documentation Missing

>I'm a user who has compiled gcc 2.95.3 and I downloaded the gcc-core
>distribution.  I want to run the test suites to check that the compile was

>successful.  However the Installation Instructions simply say, "Download
>testsuites separately", but do not specify where for the gcc 2.95.3
>(I noticed that there ARE testsuites for gcc 3.0.4).

>I'm wondering if the test suites can either be made available on the FTP web
>site with the distribution of gcc 2.95.3.  If not, don't worry about it.  I
>understand that gcc 2.95.3 is no longer supported.

First, of all GCC 2.95.3 is still "supported" and widely used, but since it is
not the current version and are not really being actively bugfixed anymore.

The 2.95.x series were not released with a testsuite, due to some unresolved
copyright questions at that time.

On the plus side, the 3.0.x (and soon to be release 3.1) testsuites should
work correctly with 2.95.x.

Download and extract gcc-testsuite-3.0.3.tar.gz from or one of the local mirrors
and then copy those files into your gcc-2.95.3 source directory.

Assuming that you have dejagnu and expect/TCL installed, re-configure gcc and
then make -k check will then run the testsuite.  Of course you should expect
some failures as bugs were corrected between 2.95.3 and 3.0.3.

Kelley Cook

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