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Re: gcc port to StarCore

At 3:16 PM +0200 5/2/02, David Livshin wrote:
>Are you saying that in order to benefit from constant propagation in the:
>x = 10;
>y = 100;
>if ( x > y )
>'define_expand "cmpsi"' may not be used?

Not to put words in Richard's mouth.....but.....

What he's saying is that the DEFINE_EXPAND just produces the initial 
RTL, and as I mentioned earlier, the compiler will normally decide to 
load immediates to pseudos when it initially generates code.  You
HAVE to use the "cmpsi" pattern otherwise, you'd never generate any 
compare RTL (although I think it may be the case that the compiler 
can generate calls to the runtime library to do compares out-of-line)

>Would you please direct me to a material ( source code and/or document )
>that may clarify the way this optimization is implemented by the GNU
>compiler. Right now I even cant guess what it might be. For example I tried
>in md:
>( define_insn "addsi3"
>   [ ( set
>       ( match_operand:SI 0 "register_operand"             "" )
>       ( plus:SI ( match_operand:SI 1 "general_operand"   "" )
>                 ( match_operand:SI 2 "general_operand" "" )
>       )
>     )
>   ]

Okay.  This pattern is missing all constraints.  (The characters 
inside the last "" on each match_operand)
I'm not certain that would prevent constant folding (in fact I can't 
imagine how it could), but you should fix that before looking for 
other problems....

The other thing that occurs to me is whether you've defined the 
various COSTS macros (CONST_COSTS, ADDRESS_COST and RTX_COST).  Also 
check your LEGITIMATE_CONSTANT_P macro is reasonable....

>and then compiled:
>x = 10;
>y = 100;
>z = x + y;
>It seems from the resulting code:
>  moveu.l #10,d0
>  move.l d0,_x
>  moveu.l #100,d2
>  move.l d2,_y
>  add #10,d2,d2
>  move.l d2,_z
>that compiler understands that 'x' is equal to 10 but misses the fact that
>'y' is also a constant and 'z' is always equal to 110( or something inside
>the compiler forces the generation of the add instruction ). Just in-case
>you are wondering: description of "movsi"  in my md file allows load of any
>constant to any register.

An RTL dump would be a good thing to see, just to insure that the RTL 
you generated isn't munged in some unpredictable fashion.

>Thank you,

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