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Re: gcc-20020429 make info failure

On 2 May 2002, Alexandre Oliva wrote:

> Hmm...  IIRC, install-info is one of the blessed targets in the GNU
> Coding Standards.  It's expected to work, even if it does nothing.  If
> we don't have info files to install, it should succeed.  If it
> currently fails, we may be in need of a work around.  Not that this
> should delay the release (given that info files will be present in the
> release), just something I thought I'd point out.

info is one of the standard targets, install-info isn't.  (The
install-info problem was in fastjar (which has no manual at all); the
install-info target in gcc does work if the info files aren't present.) I
don't see anything in the standards saying whether the info target should
fail if makeinfo isn't present or recent enough, but I don't see any
problem with it failing when makeinfo is too old, given that we include
info files in releases and configure so that "make bootstrap" doesn't
attempt to rebuild info when makeinfo is too old.

Joseph S. Myers

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