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Re: Plan for bug-fixing g77-3.1.

David Edelsohn wrote:

> >>>>> Billinghurst, David (CRTS) writes:

> DavidB> I agree with your analysis that, in isolation, swapping BIT_SIZE
> DavidB> and BITEST in intrin.def only paper over the cracks.
> DavidB> However, this patch is required in conjunction with Toon's patch to
> DavidB> use strcasecmp when comparing intrinsic names.
>         This only fixes the testcase example.  There are other intrinsics
> with underscores in the name.

While that is true, the BITEST/BIT_SIZE couple is special in that the
first differing character is a letter in one and an underscore in the
other entry.  This means that exactly *those* entries will sort
differently when sorted "upper cased" vs. sorted "lower case".

I should have been more careful with strcasecmp (the man page explicitly
states that the case-insensitive compare will be effected by converting
both names to lower case - which is just the wrong way for solving this

I'm now testing a patch that uses a specially written "compare upper
case", that will convert the would-be-intrinsic-name to upper case when
comparing it with the first of the three entries from the table. 
AFAICS, this should correct the problem.

Toon Moene, KNMI, PO Box 201, 3730 AE De Bilt, The Netherlands.
Tel. +31302206443, Fax +31302210407,  e-mail

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