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RE: c anc c++ compiling

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The unresolved references that you are getting are the c++ library,
which only g++ adds by default. If you want to use gcc, then do it
like this:

gcc -x c <your c source files here> \
- -x c++ <your c++ sources here> \
- -x objc <your objc sources here> \
<rest of your commandline here> \
- -lstdc++ \
<rest of  your libs here>

Stephano Mariani

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From: [] On Behalf
Of ratnadeep joshi
Sent: Sunday, 27 January 2002 9 13
Subject: c anc c++ compiling

hello ,

   1.  I compiled and linked two source files one       
       of which is c and other is c++ . I called        
       a function which was in c++ file from c file .   
       gcc flagged an error..

       I gave :
       $>gcc a.c a.cpp

        Error was  : undefined reference to that 	
        When i ran the same with g++ , it worked
        $>g++ a.c a.cpp 
         No error

         What happens exactly ?

      2. Now i want to add c++ code to objc compiler    
         cc1obj . i.e i will link one more file which 	
	 is .cpp with other objc source files which are 
          .c . Here the same problem arises .
          The thing that we can't make here compiler    
         g++ as it happens through stages..and it       

           What can be done for this ?

         Thanking you in anticipation ...
         - Ratnadeep Joshi      


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