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Re: g++ and aliasing bools

On Fri, 25 Jan 2002, Joe Buck wrote:

> > I bootstrapped this version on sparc-sun-solaris2.8:
> > 
> > {
> >   if (AGGREGATE_TYPE_P (t) &&
> >       !((TREE_CODE (t) == RECORD_TYPE)
> >         && !CLASSTYPE_NON_POD_P(t)
> >         && !CLASSTYPE_N_BASECLASSES(t)))
> >       return 0;
> >   }
> CLASSNAME_NON_POD_P returns false if there are any methods or if there
> is a constructor or destructor, right?  If so, then I think we're going
> to get little gain: much of the payoff from better aliasing in C++ will
> come if we don't get false aliasing complaints for things like STL
> iterators.  At least in my code, I don't have many NON_PODs; even if
> it's a plain struct otherwise, I use a constructor to initialize it.
Constructors and destructors should be fine, well, sorry, *non-virtual* 
destructors should be fine.

Unless adding non-virtual destructors and constructors affect object 
layout in memory somehow.

> On the other hand, some of the STL iterators are derived classes.  Sigh.

One thing at a time, of course.

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