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Re: Remaining host configuration fragments (Richard Kenner) writes:
>     I asked in three places whether anyone was using GCC to compile code
>     for the PDP-11: the PDP Unix Preservation Society mailing list (where
>     the 2.11BSD maintainer lurks), the classiccmp mailing list, and the
>     alt.sys.pdp11 newsgroup.  In all cases, there were no voices raised in
>     defense of the PDP-11 back end in GCC.
> Which suggests that the people using it are not in those forums.

Right, I was just trying to collect some anecdotal evidence.

Paul Koning <> writes:
> Perhaps that's because the backend in its current state doesn't
> actually work.  I've been tinkering with it (inspired by the new pdp11
> GAS support).  It's getting closer.

Great!  Here's some sort of user feedback, dunno if it's useful to you:

  Harti Brandt <> writes:
  > Last time I tried it, it was incredibly broken (around
  > gcc-2.6.X). One of the big problems was, that gcc had hard coded
  > optimisations which assume, that the address space is large. If you,
  > for example, divide an integer by 10, it will generate you a
  > screenful of assembler code, which is bad in almost any case on a
  > PDP11. Dividing unsigned longs was even worse and you couldn't tell
  > gcc that it should call a library function for this. I don't know,
  > whether this has changed in newer gcc's.

Lars Brinkhoff     Linux, GCC, PDP-10
Brinkhoff Consulting    programming

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