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Re: gcc-ss-20011119 is now available

On Wed, Nov 21, 2001 at 01:46:50PM +0100, Gerald Pfeifer wrote:
> I took care of this by means of the following patch. That's not perfect
> and it doesn't solve all problems nor put this into CVS, but it addresses
> David's problem.

Kinda. :-)
> -(and on various mirrors, see the gcc home page for mirror sites).
> +This snapshot has been generated from the current development mainline
> +which is going to become GCC 3.1.

It seemed to take forever after 3.0.0 before snapshots went back to
mainline, and this certainly helps as before I'd download the large
tarball just to find it was the wrong branch than I wanted.  

But aren't there sufficient resources now that both the mainline and
latest release branch could have periodic snapshots?

>    gcc-20011119.tar.gz                  The full gcc snapshot, including all

If possible: gcc-<branch>-<date>.tar.gz
would be even better.

>    gcc-core-20011119.tar.gz             Just the C front end and core

and: gcc-core-<branch>-<date>.tar.gz

I would like to get 3.0.3-inprogress in more people's hands thru the
FreeBSD ports system, and right now there aren't any usable tarballs to
do this with.

-- David  (

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