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Re: GCC backend for dummy ? wrote:
> Hello,
> I have a pet project that involves a simplistic
> processor design and an even simpler virtual
> machine that uses this processor. As of today,
> I have a working model of the machine and a
> little assembler that I can use to make test
> programs with.

I wouldn't try writing a gcc backend for a pet project - gcc is far too
complex (I'm just starting to try to understand the bit I need and it
takes ages). Try using another C compiler (comp.compilers newsgroup has
a regular posting that summaries all possible compiler products,
iirc[1]) - some of them are educational projects written for
readability. I would even say that implementing a simple pascal compiler
(or take C syntax and leave out the nasty bits) from scratch is easier
than writing a new backend for gcc.

In any case you'll probably have to read at least one book on compiler
construction or you'll get stuck very fast.

greets from Zürich
-- vbi

[1] I've found the people on said newsgroup to be very helpful on
requests like yours. It's a very peaceful place - and not too much
traffic since it's moderated.

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