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Re: cc & gcc

> Date: Fri, 2 Nov 2001 02:31:38 -0500 (EST)
> From: Kai Wang <>
> To: <>

>    Sorry to bother you guys,but I have a question about gcc.
>   Now I'm working on a SUN work station with both cc and gcc.
>   I have some c++ source files compiled to *.o file using gcc
>   and other c source files compiled to *.o file using cc.My
>  question is : can I use cc to link them together to a excutable?

No, it is of such complexity that you'd be hard pressed to come up
with the exact right incantation to make it work, however, g++ foo.o
bar.o bee.o will just work with no fuss or muss.

If you _must_, then, yes, you can can make it work, but you'd have to
learn a lot of new things.  Compile with g++ -v foo.o bar.o bee.o to
have the compiler instruct you as to exactly how it must be linked.
Then read the cc man page, and see if you can construct a call to cc
that will cause it to call the linker in the same fashion.  If you
become a linker expert, you can even insert a few linker commands to
make it linking with cc easier.

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