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Re: df.c and partial writes/REG_EQUAL notes

Jan Hubicka <> writes:

>> Richard Henderson <> writes:
>> > On Tue, Sep 25, 2001 at 11:32:40AM -0400, Daniel Berlin wrote:
>> > > Your web code must be pretty slow on large test cases, since my ebitmap 
>> >> patch *still* hasn't been reviewed.
>> >
>> > Um, no, it *has* been reviewed.  I told you how I wanted
>> > it changed.
>> >
>> Ah, yes.
>> You want no more than 2 bitmap implementations in the compiler,
>> and want it replaced all at once, which is another questionable idea.
> It IMO makes sense.
> As the current bitmap can have advantage possibly only in extremly large and
> sparse bitmaps we don't have currently (and that should be better handled by
> tripple indirection or more fiting underlying datastructure than linked lists
> are) and most of users to my best knowledge will benefit from the
> implementation, it is wortwhile to do it.  All our bitmpas I am aware of are
> maximally quadratic (regsXinstructions) or so, that should be always small
> enought for ebitmap implementation.
> Or do I miss something important?
That making a change that affects basically every single part of the
compiler, wholesale, is generally a bad idea to do in one single step,
since it makes it harder to track down where the real problem is.
In this case, having *done* it, I can say this was definitely true.

> In case you don't have motivation to do the step, I may try next week, as
> working (and fast) dataflow is good and bitmap.c is one of top CPU hogs of
> current compiler and we really need to get dataflow module working
> and used.

Don't bother, i already did it.
You'll note that reload makes too many bitmaps, and the 16-24 bytes
more overhead + the empty array pointers that the ebitmap takes causes
100-150 meg more memory.
Just another point that we shouldn't up and replace them wholesale,
rather do it incrementally.

I have resolved this problem by reworking the internals to
not need to store empty words at all (ie not even pointers to them).

I also replaced bitmaps with them already.  The new internal storage
mechanism requires changes to sbitmaps so you can properly
and/or/copy/etc bitmaps of differing bit sizes.
I.E. it'll do the right thing, as long as the destination is big
enough to hold the right result. sbitmap_a_or_b (350 bit sbitmap, 25
bit sbitmap, 200 bit sbitmap) will work properly.
It would and/or/etc random memory before.

However, experience in doing this just helps prove my point. I tried
doing it all at once, and it made finding the real cause of the bugs

> > 
>> This was your "review".
> Please lets work together to get gcc better, not fight.
Who is fighting?
I put review in quotes because i do not believe he reviewed the patch
itself, as i stated in my message to Gerald.

I should also note that there was a bug in ebitmap.h in
EXECUTE_IF_SET_IN_EBITMAP that a meaningful review of the patch would
have caught. 

> Honza
> > 
>> >
>> > r~
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