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Re: df.c and partial writes/REG_EQUAL notes

Gerald Pfeifer <> writes:

> On Thu, 27 Sep 2001, Daniel Berlin wrote:
> > You want no more than 2 bitmap implementations in the compiler,
>> and want it replaced all at once, which is another questionable idea.
>> This was your "review".
> Please.  As a user and co-developer (even though I mostly do web pages,
> not optimizations) I'd really like to see GCC improve.
> And your (Daniel's, RTH's, Jan's,...) work all has the same common goal.
> Not all of us agree all of the time, whether on technical or procedural
> grounds, but please let's not forget that overall goal and let's try
> working *together*.

I disagree that his approach is the correct one, that is all.
I also disagree that he really provided a review of the patch.  As others
have pointed out in private mail, it lacked some documentation.
Had he really provided a review of the patch, I would know this,and
also would have a good idea what would
probably be necessary  to make it acceptable to someone else who also
felt richard's approach is incorrect (of which there are a few).
In other words, his review was in no way helpful to making the patch
Saying "I don't think we need 3  bitmap implemenations" is not a
review of a patch.
It is a statement of his opinion on a related issue.
Same with "I will take your work and fashion it into a replacement for
bitmap.c some day".

Overall direction and whatnot of the compiler is not controlled by
richard, it's controlled by the steering committee.

The above was not written in spite, or sarcasticly.
I'm simply stating what he claims was a review of the patch, which i
respectfully disagree it was.
He commented on no specific part of the patch.

> I'd really like to see you/Daniel's improvements that you/he mentioned
> when we discussed the inlining issue (and that has the potential to
> greatly help code like the one I'm working on in my day job) become
> part of GCC.
> I hope this bitmap issue doesn't become a stumbling stone on our way
> towards our common goal of improving GCC.
> Gerald

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