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Re: another bootstrap failure on sparc-sun-solaris28 in cp/xref.o wrote:-

> I'm getting a lot of strange bootstrap failures on sparc today.
> This one has the message:

> ../../gcc/cp/xref.c: In function `GNU_xref_member':
> ../../gcc/cp/xref.c:599: parse error before "value"
> ../../gcc/cp/xref.c:602: parse error before "confg"
> This is building stage2 with the stage1 compiler with make -j 12 bootstrap after
> a generic configure.
> The code in question is indeed nonsense, see lines 9125-9126 of
> It has something to do with the macro exansion of 
>     confg = 1;

Hmm.  Is this 3.1?  This must be related to my changes.  Does this
include my patch with ChangeLog starting

	* cpphash.h (struct _cpp_buff, _cpp_get_buff, _cpp_release_buff,
	_cpp_extend_buff, _cpp_free_buff): New.
	(struct cpp_reader): New member free_buffs.
	* cppinit.c (cpp_destroy): Free buffers.

?  This had a silly bug in it, but I don't think it can cause
something to be preprocessed wrongly, it just used more memory than it
should.  But maybe not...

Anyway, could you try the latest version; I just committed an update.

I've bootstrapped many many times in the last 72 hours, including
xref.c, so I don't understand what could be wrong.  Maybe an
uninitialized variable or something that shows up more easily on a
different O/S.  Unfortunately, bugs in long macro expansions like that
one are really hard to debug, particularly remotely.

Let me know if it's OK with the current sources.


Am I the only one having trouble with the server recently?
It's been tremendously sluggish, to the point of being unusable, over
the last two days or so.

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