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Re: GCC and p-strings ?

qmk wrote:-

> I need to port a large amount of code to Linux.  The trouble is, this 
> code was written using CodeWarrior for Mac and for Windows, and it 
> extensively uses some extensions that CodeWarrior has.
> In particular, it uses p-strings ("\pLike this"), ie pascal style strings 
> with a length byte at the start instead of a terminating null, and four 
> char codes ('abcd').
> Could you tell me if GCC supports p-strings?

Zem (of Apple, dunno if he's still there, I think he was just
interning.  Hi Zem :-)) posted a patch that was a mix of a patch I'd
sent to him, and further work he'd done himself, that introduced these
strings and documented their behaviour fully.

That patch was posted, but hasn't been approved or even commented on I
think.  Joseph had some objections to Zem's original, earlier, patch,
mostly concerning documentation, which I addressed in my patch to Zem
and which were incorporated in that latest patch I think.

So the answer is no, not yet, but maybe soon.  If inertia dicatates
that nothing changes, I predict through divine inspiration that the
code in that area of GCC is going to change soon anyway 8-)


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