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Re: questions of gcc compiling.

On Tue, Sep 25, 2001 at 12:43:43PM -0700, David S. Miller wrote:

>    I had prepared the patch below for install.texi, explaining why GCC 3.0.x
>    shouldn't be used with 64-bit SPARC V9 on Solaris 7/8, but none of the
>    SPARC maintainers has commented on its accuracy yet.  This should really
>    be dealt with in time for the 3.0.2 release, since this question comes up
>    over and over again in many fora.
> I think this is fine, and I will put it into the tree later today.

Okay. I will take down the binaries I have posted for gcc-3.0.1 sparcv9, 
and replace them with snapshots of 3.1. 

There seems to be lots of demand for 64 bit compilers, most of which 
comes from the misunderstanding of the benefits of 64 bit binaries. 

My understanding is that 64 bit binaries:

1) Are slower than 32 bit binaries
2) Require a more complicated development environmnet to build. 
3) Are larger. 
4) Have a much bigger address space. 

The only reason I can see to build something 64 bit is if you need the 
address space... 


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