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Re: MAINTAINERS policy question

On Sun, Sep 16, 2001 at 05:13:44PM -0400, David Edelsohn wrote:
> >>>>> Mark Mitchell writes:
> Mark> I would extend it to documentation that affects X, files
> Mark> that affect X, and so forth...
> 	What about collect2.c?  What about parts of libstdc++?  What about
> libtool?  What about config.gcc?  There is no clear definition of "so
> forth".  We only have obscured the ambiguity which remains.

Well, when Mark switched libstdc++-v3 to be the official C++ library,
he spoke to this point:

Look about seven paragraphs down, the one with "Port maintainers w/o global
write access," etc.

It's been libstdc++'s informal policy to treat those config pieces,
and the relevent chunks of configure.{host,target}, as part of a port,
and therefore under a port maintainer's control.  Most of the maintainers
run patches past Benjamin anyhow as an extra sanity check, which is good.


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                                     - anonymous Egyptian scribe, c.1700 BC

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