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Re: MAINTAINERS policy question

Bernd Schmidt <> writes:

> I have a question about how the MAINTAINERS file should be interpreted.
> Suppose you have somebody listed as maintaining port X.  Does this grant
> the right to check in any patch for a problem that affects port X, or
> does it only grant the right to modify config/X/*?
> I've had someone claim in private mail that it means the former, and
> this surprised me, since I always assumed it meant the latter.

The MAINTAINERS file states:

  Note individuals who maintain parts of the compiler need approval to
  check in changes outside of the parts of the compiler they maintain.

The cvswrite.html page states under "Write access policies":
   Localized write permission.
          This is for people who have primary responsibility for ports,
          front ends, or significant hunks of code in the compiler. These
          folks are allowed to make changes in code they maintain without
          going through any kind of approval process.

I interpret this so that if somebody maintains port X it only gives
check-in rights for config/X/*,

 Andreas Jaeger
  SuSE Labs

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