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MULTI_LIB vs. libtool: who will win

I've been busy fixing the various pieces of shared libraries under OpenBSD.
Right now, I suspect I've hit yet another brick-wall.

For various reasons, some architectures need to be multi-libbed with fpic
(we do need a libgcc compiled with fpic for shared libraries, but at the
same time, we also need a libgcc compiled without fpic because of some
weird interaction with gdb, and well, we also like it for compiling static

However, libtool knows nothing about that. So right now, I have a
multi-libbed gcc-3.0.1 that  builds AND fpic/

The remaining problem is that it does seem that libjava doesn't expect
the spanish inquisition... err... the multi-libbing, and fails abysmally
in the fpic part.

So, one or two questions:
- anyone got a multi-libbed target where libjava works in 3.0.1 ?
- is there a simple way to fix the multi-libbing process ? I really want
to have -fpic static archives, and shared libraries, but emphatically NOT
build TWICE because of it.

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