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Re: Loop unroll fixes

	Another GCC developer did respond to my initial request to review
the patch.  He asked that the patch not be applied until he had reviewed
it, although he did not have any specific objection when asked.  That
person has not followed up after initially blocking the patch.

	I and others have made numerous private requests to GCC
maintainers throughout the entire summer.  Those messages have not been
archived.  None of those messages elicited a response, although other
messages unrelated to this issue did.  A response of "I'm too busy" or "I
will look at it" or "I don't have a problem with the patch" or any
confirmation that the person had received the request would have been

	I did not voice the ultimatum only based on the actions and
messages archived.  I made the statement after months of private action
and discussions.

	I have reviewed the patch.  I and others have tested the patch.

	GCC SC members and other developers with GCC commit privileges
need to take action when the maintainers do not respond to repeated,
polite prompting.  I have received numerous emails from developers
extremely frustrated with patches being ignored, not just the complaints
posted on the GCC mailinglists.  I guess that my activism on this issue is
eliciting more messages than other GCC SC members receive.  The GCC SC and
the FSF are a voice for developers who feel disenfranchised.

	GCC evolution toward a more open development model has recruited
many new developers and drawn an influx of patches.  Hoarding of authority
amongst developers who are too busy to handle the load only returns us to
the discouraging development model GCC previously used.

	Your vindictive response of further delaying the patch does not
help GCC or anyone.  You yourself were one of the most outspoken critics
of the previous GCC development delays and inability to get patches into
the FSF sources.  How ironic that you do not see yourself falling into the
same trap and creating the same situation.


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