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Re: RFA: Deprecate C++ options

--On Friday, September 07, 2001 10:13:15 AM -0700 Benjamin Kosnik 
<> wrote:

>> Right.  I would say my three personal pet peeves, in order, as a C++
>> user, are correctness, compile times, and robustness in the face of
>> errors.
> So then.
> I'm assuming correctness is being taken care of with the parser rewrite?

Some/much correctness issues, yes.  But, lots of front-end things
(builtin operator overloading rules, template instantiation trickiness,
etc.) are not.  And, of course, back end bugs are part of correctness

> Compile times can/could be taken care of with a combination of some of
> the inlining work plus pre compiled headers.

Those are partial solutions, but they may be good enough.

> I think it might be wise to establish a target for a release that
> incorporates some of these more far-reaching solutions.

Yes -- but it's too early to do so yet.  It's too early to even be
sure we can get the new parser done before October 15th, which is the
cut off for major new features in GCC 3.1.

Mark Mitchell      
CodeSourcery, LLC  

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