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Re: 3.1 compilation woes on Mac OS X

Aurelien wrote:
> I've tried to compile gcc 3.1 on Mac OS X, configuring with
> --prefix=/usr/local/gcc --enable-languages=c,c++,objc

I usually use only the --prefix=/path, the rest I ommit.

> 1) Configuring for a powerpc-apple-darwin1.3.3 host.
> *** This configuration is not supported in the following subdirectories;
>      target-libffi target-boehm-gc target-zlib target-libjava
> target-libchill target-libf2c zlib fastjar
> 2) checking for iconv... no, consider installing GNU libiconv
> 3) Configuring etc...
> No configuration information in etc
> Is any of the above messages likely to prevent the compiler to be
> compiled with "make bootstrap", with the following error:

I don't think so. I get the same message and I usually can bootstrap fine.
> ../xgcc -B./ -B/usr/local/gcc/powerpc-apple-darwin1.3.3/bin/ -isystem
Seems to me a bit 'old', you could at least update your box to 1.3.7.
This is in update 10.0.4 I guess. Also an update of the toolchain could
be an idea.
In which stage does it fail? 1 or 2 or even earlier?

I'm in stage 1 now and it seems to build. I'll see.

Do you use this command to bootstrap?

make CC='cc -no-cpp-precomp' bootstrap

No other ideas so far.

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