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GCC port for MSP430

the page "Extending and Contributing to GCC"
( says that I should
drop a message here when working on new features/targets of
GCC. So here are some infos...

I am working on a GCC port for the Texas Instruments MSP 430
embedded processor.

This is the processor homepage:

and here are the current development snapshots:

Current status:
GCC for MSP430 produces mostly valid code for the new platform.
Currently I am working on library calls and some problems with stack
arguemtents and labels.
Parts of supporting library like multiply and divide functions exist.
Produced code can be run on target with some manual changes.

I started two months ago and I hope that I have a working version, that
does not require manual edit of asm source, in some weeks.
I'm doing this port in my spare time but I stay in communication with TI.

A colleague is working on a port of the binutils package, so that
writing software for the processor is possible with GNU tools.
(at the moment the assembler source from my GCC port is feeded
to an free version of a commercial assembler)

Chris <>

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