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"builtin" v. "built-in"

"make install" fails when doing a manual bootstrap

"register struct" patch

--enable-shared=libstdc++-v3 doesn't work

-A- for 3.0.

-finline-functions segmentation fault

-I/usr/include (was: fixinc...)


17 megabytes compressed download?!


2.95.4 compiler error with template specialization?

Re: 3.0 -finline-limit and c++

3.0 20010611 (prerelease) segfaults with bootstrap

3.0 bootstrap failure linux-sparc (gen-num-limits): PATCH

Re: 3.0 bootstrap failure linux-sparc (gen-num-limits): PATCH [SOLVED}

3.0 build failure on AIX (32 vs 64bit issue in mknumeric_limits)

Re: 3.0 high priority: optimization/3083: C++ frontend consumesinacceptableamounts of CPU with -O3

3.0 high priority: optimization/3083: C++ frontend consumes inacceptableamounts of CPU with -O3

Re: 3.0 high priority: optimization/3083: C++ frontend consumesinacceptable amounts of CPU with -O3

Re: 3.0 high priority: optimization/3083: C++ frontendconsumes inacceptable amounts of CPU with -O3

3.0 release announcement -- too late to ask?

3.0-pre vs 3.0 on Haney speed

3.0: libffi -vs- Solaris `as'

Re: 32->64 bit cross compilers

486 and pentiums perfect for satelite emulation CHEAP + Computer surplus

64 bit support in gcc 3.0

[3.0, c++, java]: -fomit-frame-pointer IS broken on x86!

[dmj+@andrew.cmu.edu: Does libstdc++ v3 not work with Canadian crosses?]

[gccadmin] 'maintainer-scripts' side-by-side with 'scripts'

[misleading subject - sorry!] Re: 3.0 build failure on AIX (32 vs64bit issue in mknumeric_limits)

[nmarais@hertz.ee.sun.ac.za: Broken link of gcc page?]

Re: [patches] Re: Mode switching for i386 (Was: Re: [patches] Re: better fp truncation sequence on i386)

Re: [patches] Re: Mode switching for i386 (Was: Re: [patches] Re:better fp truncation sequence on i386)

[RFC] Suggested replacement for specs and switch handling

[testresults][rfc] Re: Building for K6-2 CPU: i586 or i686?

__attribute__((aligned(16)) on x86


__builtin_constant_p to stop constant folding

the _GNU_SOURCE blues

Re: Ada front end for gcc 3.0?

Addition to "GCC Museum"

Addressing Mode Woes

AMD optimizations

AMD optimizations (status)

Analysis of some HIGH priority bug reports in GNATS.

and the next bug as compilation on Solaris 2.6

And, I forgot the patch

Anonymous structs for g++ 2.95

Another RFC: regex in libiberty

Any chance of getting K6 code generation fixed in v3.0.1?

Anyone tried building Qt-2.3 with gcc3-prerelease?

Anyone working on a PL1 frontend ?

Apache module in C++

Re: ARM port bug

ARM testsuite is taking a much longer time (mainline)...

ARM vs GCC 3.0

ARM/Thumb code size

Atmel AVR link

Attribute questions

Re: Bad Page

Benchmarking gcc 3.0pre/gcc 2.95.3/gcc 2.7.2/MSVC 6

Best way to add DBX_USE_BINCL to a.out toolchains?

Beyond GCC 3.0


binutils test release available


blitz++ all tests passed!

Bogue des bibliotheques C sous LINUX

Bootstrap died in libstdc++ tonight

bootstrap fail, native sparc-sun-solaris2.7, need --disable-nsec-timestamps

Re: bootstrap fail, native sparc-sun-solaris2.7, need--disable-nsec-timestamps

Bootstrap failure on Solaris

Bootstrap failure on sparc32-linux

bootstrap on branch broken

bootstrap problems

bothersome warnings

bothersome warnings in predict.c

Broken build status link

Broken German mirrors

Broken link, /ml/gcc/2001-02/msg00403.html

Bug found compiling gcc 3.0 on a 1.0 Ghz Athlon running RH Linux 7.1

Re: Bug found compiling gcc 3.0 on a 1.0 Ghz Athlon running RH Linux7.1

bug in dominance algorithm

Re: A bug in IA32 assembler

Build Error in V3 of gcc

Build failure

build status page not found

building 686->ppc-linux cross compiler with mainline.

Building for K6-2 CPU: i586 or i686?

Building gcc/gcj cross compiler for PPP/Linux (libffi problem)

Building gcc3 on Mandrake 8.0

buildstat.html - what do we consider "successful"?

buildstat.html not found for gcc-3.0

Re: built-in-setjmp.c failure

C semantics question...

C++ benchmarks

C++ compiler question

C++ reinterpret_cast between pointers and integral types

call_insn's and argument locations

Can't bootstrap 3.0 with 2.95.3

Can't bootstrap/build gcc-3.0 un debian 2.2 r3 sparc l

Can't compile a new kernel.

cannot build stepanov on solaris

Cannot get latest cvs snapshot

Changelog rotation

Close PR/1820, PR/2438, PR/1059 and (conditionally) PR/2287

Close PR/2287

code quality pesimization with function returning changes

Code speed

collect2 documentation

command option

Committed: [patch] move gcc docs to gcc/doc/

commutativity not applied

Compilation of gcc-3.0

compile error

compiler options

Compiling GCC from CVS on various targets

compiling java to native

Compiling with Glibc2.1

Component specific installation instructions

Configure failure on AIX

Configuring in a subdirectory of srcdir

confused by code in C++ parser

constructor problem

Re: converting real value to float

Converting tm.h macros to functions

Copy constructor does not accept parameter by value

Copyright assignment forms for gcc

cpp documentation - help

Re: CPROP and spec2000 slowdown in mid february

Re: criteria.html open issues

Cross compiler documentation


CVS Head failing in natClass

CVS server problems?

cvs update also frozen ?

dce.c -> ssa-dce.c


Demangle THIS

Destructor never gets called.

Diagnostics formatting...

documentation for profiling options

Re: Documentation Help Request (was: GCC 3.0 Status Report)

Does the 3.0 Branch correctly build QT/KDE?

Dollars in identifiers and DOLLARS_IN_IDENTIFIERS cruft

Don't take my word for it

download gcc

DWARF2 exception doesn't work with gcc and gas on MIPS.

Eliminable register breakage

eliminable register problem

Re: Eliminating POTFILES, etc - can we lose catgets support?

embedded target breakage [Was: Re: Patch commit requirements]


error 998 when loading a DLL with LoadLibrary

Errr, GCSE being overly conservative?

Everything's done (was Re: Where's the release?)

expr.c: fixed_type_p

Extremely(!) long command lines with g++-3.0

FAQ preparation

FAQ: Release Date for gcc3.0

Finally under way.

First reportet bug at compilation gcc 3.o

Fix for k6 crash

fixinc and compatibility

fixincludes & other OS deps

format argument warnings

Fortran and test suite on the 3.0 branch

Re: Frame Allocation !!!


freopen causing environ to be set to NULL

g++ 3.0 vs. qt 2.3.0

G++ defining _GNU_SOURCE

g++ test suite XPASSes

g++ vs CC solaris compile

g++-3.0 vs boost 1.22.0

g77 extension

GCC - Question

Gcc 2.95+ and purify

GCC 2.95.3 and Mandrake 8.0

GCC 2.97 for Hitachi SH4 bug

gcc 3.0

GCC 3.0 -O3 and Kernel 2.4.5-ac15

gcc 3.0 and glibc 2.1

GCC 3.0 and GLIBC don't work together

gcc 3.0 branch does not bootstrap on HP-UX 11.00

GCC 3.0 branch segfaults when compiling KDElibs

gcc 3.0 build status

gcc 3.0 build successful

gcc 3.0 cannot compile pooma

GCC 3.0 fails on Mandrake 8.0

GCC 3.0 for i686-pc-cygwin target, bootstrap fails

GCC 3.0 for mips-sgi-irix6.5 built

GCC 3.0 for Solaris x86

GCC 3.0 Freeze

gcc 3.0 holding at T minus a few minutes

gcc 3.0 Linux make install bug?

GCC 3.0 on Linux-sparc32

GCC 3.0 Release compile problem on Mandrake 8.0

gcc 3.0 release fail to bootstrap on i586-ncr-sysv4.3.03

GCC 3.0 Release fails to complete bootstrap on sparc32-linux.

GCC 3.0 Released

GCC 3.0 Status Report

Re: GCC 3.0 Status Report (the ARM bits)

GCC 3.0 success

GCC 3.0 Success on sparc-sun-solaris2.8 (Was: GCC 3.0 Status Report)

Re: GCC 3.0 Upload -- hurrah! :-)

gcc 3.0 vs blitz-20001213

gcc 3.0 vs code from Josuttis' book (problems)

gcc 3.0 vs mtl 2.12.2-19

gcc 3.0 vs pooma-gcc

gcc 3.0 vs root 3.01.00

Re: Gcc 3.0, printf() and exim-3.30

gcc 3.0-20010527 cross build failures

GCC 3.0.1

gcc 3.0: memory leak or not?

GCC 3.0: sparc-sun-solaris2.8 fails to build today

GCC 3.1 Snapshots?

GCC Build Error

GCC C++ for Sun

Re: GCC FAQ update

gcc installation

GCC mailing list web archive interestingly fubared

gcc maillist

GCC manual issues

gcc optimizations

GCC Release Delay

gcc St. Louis Mirror Setup

gcc V3

GCC Version question

gcc vs CC binaries

GCC vs GLIBC: why this stance, Drepper ?!?

gcc(0614 cvs) compile error on solaris 8

gcc-3.0 - Whrere is tradcif.o?

gcc-3.0 20010607 problems

gcc-3.0 and i586-pc-linux-gnulibc1

gcc-3.0 and libstdc++: More interesting configure problems

gcc-3.0 and mysql-3.23.38

Gcc-3.0 bug affects spec2000 benchmarks

gcc-3.0 build

gcc-3.0 release compile error on solaris 8

gcc-3.0 status

gcc-3.0-20010613 bootstrap fails on OpenBSD2.9/sparc

gcc-3_0 march=athlon && (-Os || -ggdb)

gcc-3_0-branch failure, bootstrapped with 3.0(052601)

Re: GCC-H8300: remove obsolete release info

gcc-ss-20010604 is now available

gcc-ss-20010611 is now available

gcc-ss-20010618 is now available

gcc-ss-20010625 is now available

Re: gcc/INSTALL?

Re: gcc/pself*

gcj: libgcj.spec: No such file or directory

gdb help needed

Getting an old release of gcc with cvs...

glibc CVS vs GCC 3.0 failure x86 specific ???

Global null pointer test

gnatsweb updated on gcc.gnu.org

gnatsweb upgrade, 2nd try

gnu objc bug?

Re: gzip performance test

Fw: has_map

Help with GCC

hi i am realy interested .

High priority bug?

high priority bugs

high priority bugs - T minus 17 hours

high priority bugs - T minus 4 days

high priority bugs - T minus 6 days

high priority bugs - T minus one day

high priority bugs T minus 2 days

high priority bugs T minus 3 days

high priority feedback bugs

how to develop new target-specific library - autoconf?

how to get the test suites for gcc?

How to pass CFLAGS to gcc when building gcc?

RE: How to tell gcc that my int32 type is compatible with printf %d?

How to tell gcc that my int32 type is compatible with printf %d?

Re: How to tell gcc that my int32 type is compatible with printf%d?

Re: How would *you* use an intern?

HTML link doesn't works


i386 bootstrap failure - analysis

i386 splitter fixes

ia64 meeting minutes

Identifying source file locations.

if conversion running all the time

implementing new routines in GCC

Incorrect link on http://gcc.gnu.org/install/finalinstall.html

Info regarding GCC 3.0

information about C++

inherited enums

Initial values vs inlined functions [was: PATCH: extra machine-dependent passes]

Re: inline asm for powerpc question

Re: inline asm in an inline function



insn constraints

installing gcc

Installing several versions of GCC

Internal compiler error on Cygwin-To-H8 cross

is --enable-threads supported on HP-UX 11.00?

Re: Is it possible to have non-optimised block within a source

Is it possible to have non-optimised block within a source file.

Re: Is it possible to have non-optimised block within a sourcefile.

is REG_WAS_0 usable in final pass

is sunos/sparc 64bit supported in gcc/g++ 3.0?

Is there available GCC manual formatted as .PS or .PDF?

Is this official announcement about gcc-3.0

Itanium build failure on the trunk

Kernel 2.4.xx and GCC 3.0

LAPACK results for cygwin - OK

LAPACK results for mips-sgi-irix6.5 - OK


Re: libgcj.spec: No such file or directory

libio bitflags help please

libjava 3_0-branch failed bootstrap

Re: libraries in gcc

libstdc++ multilibs broken with --enable-version-specific-runtime-libs

libstdc++ test suite still drives machine into swap

libstdc++/3243: Re: PATCH for gthr.h (was:: Problems bootstrapping on i686-linux)


libtool (was: GCC 3.0: sparc-sun-solaris2.8 fails to build today)

Re: libtool (was: GCC 3.0: sparc-sun-solaris2.8 fails to buildtoday)

Re: libtool (was: GCC 3.0: sparc-sun-solaris2.8 fails tobuild today)

libungif doesn't build with GCC 3.0

Line numbers on optimized code

Re: linker question

linking possibilities

The Linux binutils is released.

The Linux binutils is released.

linux compiler

linux compiler options

linux->i686-pc-pe compiler won't build libiberty

Living with native compiler bugs

long long move bug?

looking for resolution to "gengenrtl dumps core"

loop-2b and such

mail delays


make bootstrap failure on i686-pc-linux-gnu (gcc-3_0-branch)

make gcc & -lstdc++ problem

Makefile for gcc, Oracle Pro*C under Solaris

mandatory named patterns

Manual terminology

MFC for GCC?

Migrate from GCC 2.96 to GCC 3.0

Minor bug in GCC manual: description of "-fsigned-char".

minutes of the GCC IA-64 Summit

Missing commands in Mandrake 8

Missing documentation

Mixing libraries in C and C++

Mode switching for i386 (Was: Re: [patches] Re: better fp truncation sequence on i386)

more bootstrap problems with AIX

More on entry point option for ld

more simplify_subreg aborts

Re: multiply accumulate support formips32 and mips64

Fw: multithread application

name mangle function?

Named return in g++ 3.0

Native Language Support

Need help building glibc-2.2.3 with gcc-2.95.3

New C++ Parser

New CSE2 bug on release branch demonstrated by g77

New GCC 3.0 build failure on FreeBSD 4.3

New prerelease tarballs

NEWS file

no_new_pseudos == 1 and force_reg

non standard library

Non-Availability of source code to GCC-based OpenTV SDK tools

Non-call exceptions and libcalls

Non-constant expression allowed to dimension array declarations

objc: Windows DLL's won't allow unresolved symbols

Objective-C Protocols

odd file: "fixed"

Okay, who made scalar replacement of aggregates work?

open high priority bugs

OT: PSIM/GDB simulator running LinuxPPC binaries

Parseable output generation from gcc.

Patch commit requirements

Re: patch for 930513-1 on Darwin

PATCH for gthr.h (was:: Problems bootstrapping on i686-linux)

PATCH for Re: GCC 3.0 Status Report

Re: PATCH: Allow gcc/gthr* to be compiled by C++ as well as C

PATCH: Convert alpha to new initial_val functions.

Re: PATCH: extra machine-dependent passes

Re: PATCH: Fix invalid loader fixups from shared libobjc with

Re: PATCH: Fix invalid loader fixups from shared libobjc withhpux10.20

PATCH: Support weak symbol on IRIX 6

Re: peephole vs. scheduler

Periodic messages from GNATS

please gimme gcc-3.0 for solaris for x86 pkg

Port query

Possible corruption of gcc-3.0-20010614.tar.bz2

Postscript error: gcc.ps for 2.95.3

PR 3189


PR2876 vs. reload

Re: PR2912


Re: PR3042


pre-processor wishlist ?

Precompiled headers...

preprocessor token pasting, 2.95 vs 3.0

Problem building gcc 3

Problem compiling Linux kernel (version 2.4.5) with gcc version 3.0

Re: Problem compiling Linux kernel (version 2.4.5) with gcc version3.0

Problem when formatting man pages (gcc.1) on 3_0

Problem with '-static' in 3.0 release on AIX

Problem with install to /usr/local ?

problem with libgcc2 while installing

Problem with nested template class

Problem with shared libraries

Problems bootstrapping on i686-linux

Problems with building gcc2.95.3 on Solaris 2.6

Probleum compling gcc on HPUX11

purge_addressof not purging reg-notes

Question about compile options

Question about DECL_RESULT macro

a question about precision increasing

question about spill failure - I smell a wumpus :-)

Question re: SSA Aggressive Dead Code Elimination

Questions about optimizing the compiler itself

Re: random thought re GC allocator

ratio of active/closed high priority bugs

RCS keyword expansion

Re: Reapply patch lost during recent "blind import" of libtool

recend bootstrap comparison failures

Re: register variables

Regressions in 3.0

Regressions running the libstdc++ test suite (gcc 3.0)

rejecting particular patterns in combine.c

release bugs & high priority

reload produces invalid address

Repost: Gcc-3.0 bug affects spec2000 benchmarks

Review of release criteria?

RFC: Maintainer mode support

searching the mailing list archives

Seeking doc on K6 code generation

Seeking example C code which triggers stmt.c:expand_decl_init()

Severe problems debugging c++ code (g++ 3.0)

Shareware Software Registration Services

Shell wrappers and GCC - FYA

Re: Shell wrappers and GCC - FYAu

should we search $prefix/include ?

Silly doc question

simplify_subreg aborts bad?

simplify_subreg issues

Solaris & GCC Command Options

Solaris -pthreads specs ?

Some cpplib macro tweaks

Re: Some optimization thoughts (and thanks!)

SSE1 support anytime soon?

SSE2 benchmarks

status of 64-bit solaris support

std_ctring.h mixup?

stepanov on Darwin

Stepanov test (still) failing ?!?

Stepanov, PowerPC, life_analysis

Re: Stepanov, PowerPC, life_analysis (Was: And, I forgot the patch)

Still problem with compilation gcc 3.0

STL warnings recently appeared in the 3.0 branch

Structuring the manual for a language front end.

submitting Debian gcc bug reports to gnats (fwd)

Successful build of gcc

Successful build of gcc3.0 on alphaev56-dec-osf5.1

Re: Suggested addition to documentation

suggestion for gcc 3.0 tests: Crypto++

SUN make and gcc 3.0

Surf the net up to 100% faster,for FREE! =?UNKNOWN-8BIT?Q?<=A0font?= ptsize=1>ays444

Re: surprising? register allocator performance in gcc 2.95.3

switch statement question

Taking too long


Target-specific pragmas


templated cmath function instantiation


test suite

Testing GCC on simulators (Was: bootstrap problems)


Thanks to all for 3.0

To the GCC Team: Thanks.

treelang - (bigger and better 'toy' language)

trouble inking in a third party library

trying to understand file-static variables in arm-linux-gcc


unassigned high priority bugs

unconditional pre-reload splitter

Undocumented target macros

Unicode question

Unix is perfect

Re: unwind-dw2-fde.c change breaks AIX

Updating Redhat gcc?

Use of Texinfo commands for definitions

Using entry point option (-e) with 'ld' (or gcc)

Using gcc with libraries built with Sun's compiler

Using the GCC EH mechanism for Ada

Re: V3 and cross-compiler (AIX 4.3 64-bit mode)

Re: Versioning V3 headers

Warning patrol: a question.

What about PR 2717/2733/3038 ?

What is BUFSIZ for?

what kind of license is libstd++ ? (and libgcc_s)?

what to do with libstdc++'s thanks.html ?

Where to find the precompiled gcc for Solaris8?

Re: Where's the release?

Why does repo only work on classes with vtable?


why the shared libgcc version bump ?

Wide characters and GCC

Re: Windows DLL's won't allow unresolved symbols

Work From Home and Earn $$$$ - FREE Info!

You guys are awesome!

z80 patch,

350.000 -.


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