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Re: Projects for beginners

 > Set up more autobuilders.

Are the scripts used in the current autobuilder available?

 > Warnings patrol.

I'd like to see warnings somehow regression checked automatically too,
and have it ping the offending patcher until its fixed.  (Just like
the bug regression checker.)

 > Cross-reference all the headers; find all the places where two or more
 >   headers declare the same function, global, etc.  - For someone who's
 >   good with scripting languages.  I'm sure there's a clever Perl
 >   module out there for this sort of thing.
 > Then fix it so every global declaration occurs in exactly one header.

I think -Wredundant-decls helps here.  But it only catches cases where
both headers containing the duplicates are included in one C module.
If a decl is dupped in two headers not included in the same file, it
doesn't help.  Good place to start though.

 > Find places that are still using obsolete system-category macros (USG,
 > BSTRING, etc) and autoconfiscate them.

USG is still used in tsystem.h (legitimately IMHO since you can't
autoconfiscate target files.)  BSTRING et al. could go though.

 > Get libiberty built for the build system so we can get rid of all
 >   kinds of crap in the Makefile and the genfoo.c programs.  - Talk to
 >   Kaveh first.

Whoever wants to do this needs to be prepared to do a canadian cross
compile as a test of whatever final patch is installed.  I have a
patch you can use as a starting point, I'd love for someone to step
forward and do this.

Kaveh R. Ghazi			Engagement Manager / Project Services		Qwest Internet Solutions

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