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Hi there,

I think I have found a bug in the C++ front end in the code #ifdefed on
PCC_STATIC_STRUCT_RETURN and thus used only on the great old holy original
ports (VAX, m68k, etc.) but not on any of the "modern" ones.

This fragment in cp/semantics.c:

  if (!AGGR_INIT_VIA_CTOR_P (aggr_init_expr) && aggregate_value_p (type))
      int old_ac;

      flag_access_control = 0;
      call_expr = build_aggr_init (slot, call_expr, LOOKUP_ONLYCONVERTING);
      flag_access_control = old_ac;
      copy_from_buffer_p = 1;

throws cc1plus into an infinite recursion of walk_tree when compiling a call to
a function returning a structure. However, not being a C++ front end hacker I'm
having a hard time figuring out exactly what goes wrong. Could anyone working
on the C++ front end please look at the above #ifdefed code and see if there is
some obvious problem with it? TIA.

Michael Sokolov
Public Service Agent
International Engineering and Science Task Force

1351 VINE AVE APT 27		Phone: +1-714-738-5409
FULLERTON CA 92833-4291 USA	(home office)

E-mail: msokolov@ivan.Harhan.ORG (ARPA TCP/SMTP)

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