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Re: bootstrap fails with FreeBSD make

In article <> you write:
>I just tried to bootstrap under FreeBSD 4.2. The build stoped after
>creating libz with the following message:
>Bootstrapping the compiler
>+make CC="gcc" libdir=/usr/local/gcc-CVS/lib LANGUAGES="c"
>+make: not found

I got '+' to work on OpenBSD make in single job mode, and it's at least
recognized in -j mode (the code in job.c is bad enough that I got a
headache trying to see how to implement that).

FreeBSD and NetBSD might be interested in looking at job.c rev 1.34 and 
compat.c rev 1.32 (in OpenBSD).  If someone manages to handle the -j part,
drop me a note, I'm game.

I believe that '+' is generally a good idea.  Seeing that quite a few make
don't support it (it is not even POSIX), an autoconf/automake mechanism
to handle it might be a good idea...

In fact, telling autoconf to substitute <tab> for <tab>+ in a Makefile if
the chosen make does not handle + is probably the way to go.

A test makefile such as:

is probably largely enough to check the feature...

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