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RE: How can I shorten time out during "make check"?

Title: RE: How can I shorten time out during "make check"?

Hi Nick,

> Then go to the dejagnu/baseboards directory and find the file of the
> same name, ie dejagnu/baseboards/h8300-sim.exp in my case.  Search
> this file for the declaration of a variable called 'timeout' in the
> gcc domain.  If it does not exist, then the default timeout (of 300,
> set in proc remote_exec in dejagnu/lib/remote.exp) will be used.  To
> change the timeout, add or edit the line:
>   set_board_info gcc,timeout <SOME NUMBER HERE>
> The value is supposed to be in units of tenths of a second.

Before reading your mail, I changed the value in dejagnu/lib/remote.exp, but I guess that's not a clean way. :-)

Looking at h8300-sim, it does not contain a declaration of of timeout.  When I looked at d10v-sim.exp as a reference, I found the following.

# Torture test gcc.c-torture/execute/920501-6.c takes > 5 minutes on a
# 90 Mhz Pentium, so up the time limit.
set board_info($board,sim_time_limit) 600

Is this in tenths of a second or just a second?


Kazu Hirata

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