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Re: Need graph coloring code

In article <> you write:

>> >   I would not be surprized if IBM decides to open that patent up
>> >   (or to license it to FSF, royalty-free), say, one year before
>> >   it runs out -- just to get publicity and honk, once again,
>> >   about their "committment to support open-source software" :) :)

>> Has any company ever done that, licensed a patent to FSF, royalty-free?

>Raph Levien licensed a number of patents (mostly having to do with
>printing) for free use in GPLed programs, so these are royalty-free to the
>FSF and everyone else.

Somewhat slanted: GPLed programs is still a portion of free software.  
`Everyone else' for a free-for-GPLed patent is not exactly true...

I don't know what happened in the past, but if I were in the shoes of
a major FSF head (say, RMS), and I were offered a freed patent ONLY for
GPLed software, then the ethically correct thing to do would be to reject
the offer and ask for a true freed patent.

I don't want to start a whole thread about this, it's just my take on
the subject.

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