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Re: ar: arg list too long

On Thu, Jan 25, 2001 at 02:51:25PM -0500, Roger Collins wrote:
> Still working on making this work on svr4 (UnixWare 2.1).
> Now I get this:
> make[4]: execvp: ar: Arg list too long.
> Any ideas?

One thing that can delay getting the message is severly reducing the size of
your environment, because the kernel has a fixed limit on the total space to
pass both the environment variables and arguments.

If your archiver is the GNU ar from the binutils package, you might be to
rewrite the code to use:

	ar -M < script

It would probably take some configuration support to support using that.  Users
using Linux or *BSD probably never have run into the arg list too long, since
those systems have much higher limits.

> Roger
> make[4]: Entering directory
> `/elmer/elmer4/rcollins/gcc3/obj/i386-pc-sysv4.2uw2.
> 1/libf2c/libF77'
> ar rc ../libg2c.a F77_aloc.o VersionF.o main.o s_rnge.o abort_.o getarg_.o
> iargc
> _.o getenv_.o signal_.o s_stop.o s_paus.o system_.o cabs.o derf_.o derfc_.o
> erf_
> .o erfc_.o sig_die.o exit_.o setarg.o setsig.o pow_ci.o pow_dd.o pow_di.o
> pow_hh
> .o pow_ii.o  pow_ri.o pow_zi.o pow_zz.o pow_qq.o c_abs.o c_cos.o c_div.o
> c_exp.o
>  c_log.o c_sin.o c_sqrt.o z_abs.o z_cos.o z_div.o z_exp.o z_log.o z_sin.o
> z_sqrt
> .o r_abs.o r_acos.o r_asin.o r_atan.o r_atn2.o r_cnjg.o r_cos.o r_cosh.o
> r_dim.o
>  r_exp.o r_imag.o r_int.o r_lg10.o r_log.o r_mod.o r_nint.o r_sign.o r_sin.o
> r_s
> inh.o r_sqrt.o r_tan.o r_tanh.o d_abs.o d_acos.o d_asin.o d_atan.o d_atn2.o
> d_cn
> jg.o d_cos.o d_cosh.o d_dim.o d_exp.o d_imag.o d_int.o d_lg10.o d_log.o
> d_mod.o
> d_nint.o d_prod.o d_sign.o d_sin.o d_sinh.o d_sqrt.o d_tan.o d_tanh.o
> i_abs.o i_
> dim.o i_dnnt.o i_indx.o i_len.o i_mod.o i_nint.o i_sign.o h_abs.o h_dim.o
> h_dnnt
> .o h_indx.o h_len.o h_mod.o  h_nint.o h_sign.o l_ge.o l_gt.o l_le.o l_lt.o
> hl_ge
> .o hl_gt.o hl_le.o hl_lt.o ef1asc_.o ef1cmc_.o s_cat.o s_cmp.o s_copy.o
> lbitbits
> .o lbitshft.o qbitbits.o qbitshft.o
> make[4]: execvp: ar: Arg list too long
> make[4]: *** [archive] Error 127
> make[4]: Leaving directory
> `/elmer/elmer4/rcollins/gcc3/obj/i386-pc-sysv4.2uw2.1
> /libf2c/libF77'
> make[3]: *** [libg2c.a] Error 2
> make[3]: Leaving directory
> `/elmer/elmer4/rcollins/gcc3/obj/i386-pc-sysv4.2uw2.1
> /libf2c'
> --
> Roger Collins
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