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Re: Doesnot running SMP kerenl-2.4.0

On Sat, Jan 13, 2001 at 01:01:25PM +0900, Kaoru Fukui wrote:
> I`m trying to compile with gcc-2.97 current.
> The compilation is noproblem,did not have any error .
>  but the kernel does not running.
> The singleCPU kernel is well.
> When I used gcc-2.95.3 and the same kernel source,
> The SMP kernel-2.4.0 is well working with gcc-2.95.3.

Please report this to the linux-kernel mailing list
( Allthough you should not use CVS gcc to
compile kernels for production systems, success/failure reports are
welcome on the list.

Note that Alan Cox provides patches to the current 2.4.0 kernel which
may or may not contain fixes to get the kernel compiled with current
gcc snapshots. The patches are available at
ftp://ftp.<country> .


J.A.K. (Erik) Mouw, Information and Communication Theory Group, Department
of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Information Technology and Systems,
Delft University of Technology, PO BOX 5031,  2600 GA Delft, The Netherlands
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